About Cytisine


Tabex / Desmoxan (Cytisine) the Sopharma and Aflofarm OTC med of choice for smoking cessation.

This is an original stop smoking aid from plant origin intended for the treatment of smoking. The preparation is developed on the basis of the alkaloid Cytisine, contained in the plant Cytisus laburnum (Golden Rain acacia).
The broad clinical studies carried out, show that the therapy with the preparation Tabex results in giving up smoking in more than 75% of the patients.


(Tabex & Desmoxan) is a drug of choice of treatment of chronic nicotinism. It is particularly appropriate for treatment of risk groups of smokers with health problems on the part of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as smokers professionally subjected to tension and stress that are predisposed to seek a "false comfort" in nicotine or other drugs causing dependence.

In the human body, Cytisine plays the role of nicotine substitution substance, and reduces the period of interaction of the received nicotine with relevant nicotine receptors, i.e. the specific substance cytisine "substitutes" nicotine, acting on the same receptors, thus preventing the appearance of abstinence syndrome. This results in a gradual reduction and suspension of the psychic and physical dependency to nicotine in smokers.  

The Stop Smoking Aid!

Cytisine possesses a structure and mechanism of action that are similar to those of nicotine, but it has much lower toxicity. Tabex / Desmoxan manifests one of the best results to date for the group of preparations, intended for tobaccosmoking therapy. Tabex/Desmoxan is very well tolerated, and when applied in therapeutic doses, allows a gradual giving up of smoking without any side effects.The total giving up of smoking should take place not later than the fifth day after the beginning of the therapy. Supplied in a package of 100 filmtablets of 1.5 mg Citysine.

Tabex and Desmoxan therapeutic scheme Day of treatment Intake intervals Total daily tablets:

  • Day 1 to 3 (1 every 2 hours 6 tablets daily)
  • Day 4 to 12 (1 every 2.5 hours 5 tablets daily)
  • Day 13 to 16 (1 every 3 hours 5 tablets daily)
  • Day 17 to 20 (1 every 4 hours 3 tablets daily)
  • Day 21 to 25 (1 every 6 hours 2 tablets daily)

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Sopharma Pharmaceuticals (tabex) and Aflofarm Poland (Desmoxan) are behind the effort to make the Best Stop Smoking product available online worldwide.